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Manta is an attempt to build a great arcade shooter in 3d. Inspired by early 3d games such as carrier command and some of the great scrolling 2d shooters, such as Time Pilot 84 and Xevious, Manta is intended to have supremely intuitive, no fuss controls and non-stop action gameplay.

Since my twins were born in March 2008, I've not had much time for game development. As a result, projects such as Weasel and Manta have been horribly delayed. I hope to make some forward progress on both as the twins become more self-sufficient. These were never going to be "bleeding edge" projects from a technical or graphical point of view, so it's more important to get them right than simply ship.

Manta is in early "beta" (the gameplay is quite advanced; the content, not so much). If you have any comments or feedback, please add them to this thread on the Unity forums or you can use the new Manta forum (you'll need to register).

If you just want to try it out, click here.