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About Prince of Destruction


Design, Graphics, Animation

Tonio Loewald

Programming and Additional Design

Andrew Barry

Additional Graphics & Animation

Pamina Loewald

Music Composition

Matt Donovan

Can you save Nestaria from its darkest hour?

Since you left Nestaria to seek adventure in the outside world, things have gone amiss...

Your job is to set things right, and together with up to three other players, not to mention a host of other characters including brave freedom fighters, a heroic embattled princess, the King of the Elves, and the avaricious Lugo, you can liberate Nestaria from the Prince of Destruction.

Prince of Destruction is an award-winning role-playing game featuring real-time arcade action, puzzles, exploration, and complex interaction. As well as being an excellent single-player game, up to four players can work as a team on a network.

Awards & Reviews

1994 Shareware Game of the Year
Australian MacWorld

Honorable Mention
MacUser, Eddy Award for Best Interactive Shareware

"...Extremely enjoyable...a true innovation in role-playing games."
4 joysticks

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