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Tonio Loewald is a programmer and artist who has been working on games since 1978, software since 1980, computer graphics since 1985, usability since 1991, and web applications since 1995. He has worked at Andersen Consulting, Valueclick Media, Citrix Online, and Fastclick.com. His past clients include Avaya Communications, Eli Lilly, and IBM. He has a BS in Pure Mathematics.

Tonio has developed web advertising technology (including "expandable", "window in window", and "instream video") that runs on millions of computers every day, award-winning multimedia computer-based training programs, computer-managed learning systems, recruiting kiosks, single and multi-player games, and classroom software for grades 3-6.

RiddleMeThis, a program for creating, maintaining, and deploying questionnaires for research in the social sciences and marketing, was developed in close consultation with researchers at the Online Social Influence Lab and several other institutions.

RiddleMeThis is currently in use at the University of Alabama, Arizona State University, Harvard, UC Santa Barbara, Northern Illinois University, Flinders University, Georgia State University, Oklahoma State University, McDaniel University, the University of Houston, Michigan State University, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and UCLA.