Materials for Tutorials

This is where the video tutorials developed to accompany Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D 6 will be placed when available.

These files linked below are provided for use with the tutorials in Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D 6. You're welcome to use these files for any non-commercial purposes.

about markdown 05/31/2013 05:02:37

baking zip5.9MB

baking zip 04/01/2012 00:41:45

biplane tutorial zip652.9kB

biplane tutorial zip 04/01/2012 00:41:13

caustics zip67.1kB

caustics zip 04/01/2012 00:41:16

character animation zip255.4kB

character animation zip 04/01/2012 00:41:45

faux hdri setup.hdr zip412.5kB

faux hdri setup.hdr zip 04/01/2012 00:41:48

imperial cereal zip5.3MB

imperial cereal zip 04/01/2012 00:41:42

jumping ball zip14.5kB

jumping ball zip 04/01/2012 00:41:15

materials elephant zip331.7kB

materials elephant zip 04/01/2012 00:41:16

mug tutorial zip88.1kB

mug tutorial zip 04/01/2012 00:41:46

physics zip1.2MB

physics zip 04/01/2012 00:41:15

planet shader zip208.7kB

planet shader zip 04/01/2012 00:41:15

robot arm zip97.6kB

robot arm zip 04/01/2012 00:41:46

tentacle tutorial zip71.1kB

tentacle tutorial zip 04/01/2012 00:41:46

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