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Pose Utilities

Note: I've updated Pose Utilities to v5 to rectify a problem I was having with pose flipping in the current version of Cheetah 3d. I've left the old version up because the problem may be with a change in how I rig models and not a change in Cheetah 3d. Let me know if the new version works better (or worse) for you.

Pose Utilities.js (download links are at the bottom of the page) is a tool script for Cheetah 3D (tested with 5.3b3). You can think of it as a companion to tg_jp's excellent Mirror Copy.js.

Pose Utilities provides several much-needed functions for animators working with Cheetah 3D.

You can create a walk cycle was with two poses and the flip function. You can copy a pose from one "side" of a symmetric hierarchy and then paste a "flipped" version onto the corresponding opposite side of the hierarchy.

Version 2: just added some "clipboard" functionality. This works across frames so long as the tool remains active for the entire time. Be careful, C3D is very flaky about updating state and recording keyframes—to be sure you've recorded stuff to the timeline explicitly click on the bone (or whatever) and then hit record.

Version 3: has extensive comments in the code to help anyone needing to further customize the script or just understand it.

Version 4: adds a new "flip" command, and renames several other commands to be less ambiguous.

Version 5: addresses either an issue caused by changes in the way C3D handles rotations OR the way in which I rig models. In case it's the latter, I'm leaving v4 up for your use.

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