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Cheetah 3D Buddy

Cheetah 3D Buddy is a free utility for Cheetah 3D users. In particular it's really good at helping you look through your render history and quickly get at specific renders and the scene files that created them.

Changes in 2.0.1

New in version 2.0

One more thing...

I've restructured the app so that the app.nw file is uncompressed. This means you can simply "show package contents", go into resources, and find the app.nw directory inside the application and hack at it to your heart's content. Don't like the background color? Edit the stylesheet!

As an added bonus, the application should launch a tiny bit faster as well. (I don't know about you, but on my Macs the application launches and loads my render history instantly so I'm not sure how it could be faster.)

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C3D Buddy (old version) zip1.7MB

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C3D Buddy zip35.7MB

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