Transmit 4

Not just the best FTP client, but the prettiest icon.

Panic has done it again — they’ve taken what was already the best FTP (et al) client on the Mac (or any other platform, seriously) and made it not only better but transcendently good. I have to agree with the review from Smoking Apples that the only FTP client that even remotely challenges Transmit is Flow (which I fell in love with instantly, and then abandoned because it’s simply too unstable), but Transmit has gone way beyond matching Flow’s features.

Three words: seamless Finder integration.

It’s hard to imagine how to add features to an FTP client to make a (non-free) upgrade release compelling, but somehow they’ve managed it. Aside from the above headline feature, my favorite new features are:

  • instant access to favorites via the global menubar
  • automatic inference of timezone differences (something I’ve wanted for a long time — but when I explained this to folks from the Dreamweaver team back in about 1998 they didn’t even understand the question: apparently administering servers in different time zones wasn’t a use-case they’d contemplated)
  • FXP (server-to-server) file transfer (Forklift‘s killer feature)