Blogging Made (Too) Easy

I’ve recently started using Dashboard (I’ve been using Tiger for ages, but really didn’t pay much attention to Dashboard).

Most of Dashboard’s built-in functionality, e.g. calendar, calculator, units converter, dictionary, is pretty darn useful, but I really don’t see why it needs to live in its own layer. In some cases it’s actively annoying.

One of the most popular Dashboard widgets allows you to add a post to your blog by typing into it and clicking a button. This is almost too easy. Actually it *is* too easy.

So here goes…

But first, a geek joke I came across on (he cites his source…)

Q: “What’s the difference between Leopard* and Vista**”

A: “Microsoft’s Engineers are really excited about Leopard.”

* Mac OS X 10.5, the next version of Mac OS X, due early 2007.

** Windows Vista, codenamed “Longhorn”, the much delayed next version of Windows.