you are an embarrassment to us all

Don’t accuse people of being traitors for doing their jobs. Yes, you didn’t use the word “traitor” or “treason” — you used the word “betray”. Oh yeah, and you made play of a guy’s name.

Moveon or Moron? Hahahaha so clever.

Seriously, as a lifelong Democrat, I tell you guys to get a clue. You’ve just managed to completely miss the point.

Instead of insulting people, ask them intelligent questions. Here are the questions I would ask General David Petraeus:

1) Do you think we will win in Iraq?

2) Define win.

3) What is the likely cost of our current course of action? (Lives, dollars, etc.)

4) What is the likely outcome of serious alternative courses of action, such as leaving, or invoking the draft and sending in 200k more soldiers?

5) What is the likely cost of leaving, or invoking the draft?

If the answer to any of these is “I don’t know” then who does? Let’s ask them.

Once we have reasonable answers to these questions, then we can decide for ourselves whether to stay or go. Until then, we don’t have enough information to make a reasonable decision, in which case I’d err on the side of saving money, blood, and prestige and leave as quickly as possible.