It’s not a sale, it’s a license

From the Wall Street Journal:

Under most recording contracts, artists are entitled to 50% of revenue from licensed uses of their music. That usually means soundtracks for movies, TV shows and ads. Sales, on the other hand generate royalties for the artist at a much lower rate—generally in the low teens, and rarely more than 20%.

And also:

…the Ninth Circuit held that iTunes downloads (even the DRM-free variety) are encumbered by enough restrictions that they can’t be considered sales at all.

Fair enough. Now may I observe that since a “license” doesn’t physically exist, and in particular need not travel from the vendor to where-ever I happen to be that my purchases shouldn’t be subject to sales tax.

Also, if my computer explodes my licenses remain in effect and I should be able to obtain new copies of the actual tracks for free or at most a nominal price.

When will the law catch up to, say, 1975?