Google Wave

I’m in bed with some kind of virus and was thus sufficiently bored to actually watch the entire Google Wave Demo. It’s a very impressive demo and a very nice piece of technology, and it’s being implemented in an idealistic fashion.

The big problem with it is that it isn’t backwards compatible with email. I would have thought that being able to interoperate with email would have been a major priority, but in fact the only mention of it was a half-mumbled remark towards the end about how it would be nice if someone wrote an extension for this.┬áIt’s especially odd that this issue didn’t get dealt with more explicitly, since Wave is explicitly intended to replace email.

It’s interesting to imagine what a conversation between a Wave user and a conventional email user might look like — either the email user is going to lose all context each time he/she gets a reply, or the Wave user is going to get a distinctly un-Wave-like mess of pointlessly quoted crap.