Hillary Clinton: Arrogant, Stupid, or Sabotaged?

The following image is a screenshot from Hillary Clinton’s website (assuming they haven’t taken the video down or replaced it by the time you read this). I took it after reading this article and then verified I was looking at the correct website by retyping the URL manually.

Here’s detail of the (rather crudely) faked headline:

Note that, almost absurdly, it is in fact an article on the “troopergate” scandal (in which it was alleged that Bill Clinton used state troopers to procure women for him while he was Governor of Arkansas).

I have to wonder if this is evidence of arrogance, stupidity, incompetence, or deliberate sabotage by an irate campaign worker. Or perhaps something as simple as harmless mischief like the penis-shaped coral in the original movie posters for The Little Mermaid. In any event it just reinforces my opinion that Hillary’s bid for the White House has gone way beyond “gritty and determined” and is now harming not only the Democratic Party’s chances in November, but Hillary’s future as a senator and presidential candidate.