Talking to Myself

One of the things I’ve avoided having anything to do with thus far in life (besides learning the acronym) is Search Engine Optimization. Based on Google Webmaster Tools (which I hardly ever use) you’re more likely to get to my site as a result of looking for Cheetah 3d (a program I use) than anything I’ve done.

Anyway, I was reading someone else’s blog in which he wrote an incredibly superficial review of Pixelmator (not that I disagreed with much of what he had to say) which had something like 20 responses. The only thing I’ve posted that has had anything approaching that level of response was my post about Apple possibly putting some kind of Win32 support into OS X — and most of that was people telling me I’m an idiot.

So, damn it, I took five minutes to find out how one promotes a blog and I’ve started the long, slow, boring process of trying to talk to someone other than Chris, Sean, Andrew, and my wife, whom I could just as easily email.

Oh, the twins are fine and so are we!

It Begins…

First of all, I discovered this service* because I was searching for information on old friends I hadn’t heard from in ages. I discovered the link to on Wesley Phoa’s blog. No link! Use 😉

Why would anyone want to read this? No idea.

Note: * this blog was originally hosted on blogspot, but moved to my own server in 2007 because I prefer to own my own data and also prefer WordPress’s functionality, user interface, and customization options.