Annoyed Avians Coloring Books

My daughters are very keen on coloring books. They like to get them and then scribble all over them and then demand new coloring books. Coloring books are (a) kind of expensive, and (b) sucky. In particular, the thing my daughters would most like to color in is a certain set of characters from a certain very successful series of video games and while I don’t mind paying for t-shirts, pyjamas, hats, gloves, stuffed animals, board games — I can’t reliably find the coloring books and resent paying five dollars for something my children destroy in thirty minutes.

I tried searching the intertubes for printable coloring books, but there are no official options I could find, and the unofficial ones are (a) incompetently and inconsistently produced, and (b) hosted on sites that look like festering pits of malware.

So I have reinterpreted said video game, and here’s my Annoyed Avians coloring book — presumably the first of a series, so I created a simple website to host it and any foreseeable sequels.