I’ve been a remarkAble 2 user—on and off, mostly off—for a couple of years now. All the things that made an initial favorable impression are true, and the product has actually gotten a little better in certain respects (pinch-to-zoom!).

But if there’s one thing that just irks me and continues to irk me it’s the lousy synch app and service which they actually charge a subscription for.

rermarkable desktop app main view

Here’s the reMarkable desktop app. It… works. Eventually. I had to coax my reMarkable, which I had been using for a bit, to actually upload to the mac a few feet away. There’s no explicit tool, I just turned it on and prodded it a bit.

remarkable desktop app zoomed in on a specific notebook page

It would be REALLY nice if I could just lasso the thing I want and paste it into my vector program or drag-and-drop it, but no, my alternatives are going through an export dialog that (a) doesn’t remember my choices (so I need to select SVG every time), (b) doesn’t let me export just a selection, and (c) even though I am exporting a single page, creates a folder for the one document and (d) doesn’t let me name it.

This is a desktop app that somehow manages to provide a worse file management experience that Apple’s Files app on an iPhone.

Given they went down this route AND picked a custom linux implementation instead of just supporting all cloud sync services and being an Android device as Supernote did. (And sure, Supernote is laggy—because Android—but guess what supports cloud sync, has zero lag, and also lets you use all your favorite cloud storage services… iPads. Oh yeah, and it has a color display and lets you read both Kindle and Apple books, standard ePubs, PDFs…

This is all my fault! I couldn’t justify replacing my gen 1 iPad Pro (because it works great, but it’s freaking huge).

Anyway, I assume reMarkable is slowly going broke because there’s no justification for this being so bad for so long.