Migrating b8r code to the New World Order

I’ve got three small projects built with b8r lying around (one is something I did for a job interview a few months ago, so it’s not in a public repo). Anyway, all three simply load the version of b8r in the github master directly which means they broke hard when I pushed my latest changes.

Two of the projects are my galaxy generator (which is heavy on libraries but has no components) and my dnd spell list.

Anyway, updating the galaxy generator took about five minutes. Updating the dnd spell list took about thirty seconds. If I recall correctly, this is the second change to b8r in roughly two years that has required fixing the galaxy generator. (Obviously this should not matter, since only a crazy person would load dependencies into production code this way, but I don’t take breaking changes lightly.)

I’ve updated bindinator.com and attempted to document as much as possible about the migration process. Finally, I’ve replaced require.js with a tiny module that shows an alert() and redirects the user to the improved documentation on migrating to import.