Director 11.5

I made most of my income as a Director coder for almost ten years (and used it as an animation program for a few years before that), so it’s sad to see how badly it’s been neglected. I just came across this “review” of Director 11.5 (which has been out for ages, a year I think) via MacSurfer.

I own licenses for most versions of Director from 4 thru 11 (and had licenses through my employers for versions 2, 3, and 3.5) but version 11 was so tragically bad that I completely lost interest. Here’s the kicker: Director 11.5 still hasn’t added support for AS3 Flash. I mean, seriously?!

I also see they’ve bolted PhysX on to the long-neglected 3d engine. Yeah, not having physics is the big problem with Director’s 3d engine. Thanks guys, how about — um — FBX support so we can import some actual content? It’s essentially a maintenance release with its most important “new feature” being “hey, it runs under Leopard”. (Heck, based on my experience with v11, “hey it runs” would almost be compelling.)

(Bear in mind that “DirectX 9″ support means it runs under DirectX 9”. It doesn’t actually use any DirectX 9 features.)

Oh yeah and multiple undo for text editors. Wow, think we might get multiple undo in the main UI in version 15?

Yeah, let’s rely on these guys for a vital piece of web infrastructure.