Massive head starts

Since I can’t comment on daringfireball (heck, that’s half the reason for this blog existing…):

History is on Microsoft’s side here—we know what happened the last time Apple had a massive head start.

(Gizmodo or Engadget gushing over Windows Phone 7 Series inevitable victory over the iPhone.)

Not to be a smug dick here, but wasn’t the last time Apple had a massive head start over Microsoft the iPod? Speaking of which, no word on whether Windows Mobile 7 phones will support PlaysForSure.

(Gruber’s response)

To which, I’d like to add—and to what “massive head start” was the first “smug dick” referring? Apple’s dominance of the PC industry? Never happened. Not even the Apple II in its heyday dominated its market. Perhaps its vice-like grip on the Enterprise? Oh no, wait, that was IBM—Microsoft’s partner. Apple’s entry into the home computer industry? Microsoft was founded in 1975, Apple in 1976.