We are totally going to fuck the cable carriers

Oh, and we are totally going to fuck the cable carriers. But that too is just a side issue.

Here’s hoping.

This device isn’t as obvious as iPhone. It’s kind of subtle. Which means that those of you who have done the spiritual work to prepare for it will be fine, but those who haven’t done the work, well, they’re probably going to miss a lot of this at first. So you’ll see some noise about who needs this thing, it’s just a fancy desk ornament, and so on.

I’ve been catching up with Fake Steve Jobs (who has been doing a great job lately). The above quotations are from his Prepare for the Backlash post.

His piece on the true significance of the tablet is pretty insightful too:

But that’s not it at all. We’re talking about an entirely new way to convey information, one that incorporates dynamic elements (audio, video) with static elements (text, photos) plus the ability for the “audience” to become content creators, not just content consumers.

As is his piece on Google’s withdrawal from China:

Google’s vulnerability here is that its own real product is code. That’s all they have. And code is the easiest thing in the world to steal. Plus, all their code is secret. It’s not stuff that touches a consumer. Which means you can steal their code and use it and nobody can tell.

Well worth a read — and back on my weekly bookmarks.