Many have been killed in the attempt…

The fundamental idea behind verification is that one should think about what a program is supposed to do before writing it. Thinking is a difficult process that requires a lot of effort. Write a book based on a selection of distorted anecdotes showing that instincts are superior to rational judgment and you get a best seller. Imagine how popular a book would be that urged people to engage in difficult study to develop their ability to think so they could rid themselves of the irrational and often destructive beliefs they now cherish. So, trying to get people to think is dangerous. Over the centuries, many have been killed in the attempt. Fortunately, when applied to programming rather than more sensitive subjects, preaching rational thought leads to polite indifference rather than violence. However, the small number of programmers who are willing to consider such a radical alternative to their current practice will find that thinking offers great benefits. Spending a few hours thinking before writing code can save days of debugging and rewriting.
— Leslie Lamport (most noted for creating LaTeX) in an interview here.

The interview starts with a lot of failed attempts to summarize the thrust of Lamport’s various papers, but eventually gets quite interesting.