I came across Xee while following a link on Reddit (“PSD is not my favorite file format“). It’s an open source replacement for Apple’s Preview app. Also linked to this page is The Unarchiver, a replacement for OS X’s built-in unarchiving software. It’s not that either of these programs is especially deficient, but Xee and The Unarchiver are simply brilliant. Xee not only runs fast and light, it opens almost any image format you can think of, while The Unarchiver does the same for archives.

The only thing I don’t much care for are their icons.

Edit: actually Xee has two major annoyances.

  1. It won’t let you disassociate file types. Once you assign it a file type, you’re stuck with it.
  2. It’s missing a lot of the newer features of Preview (notably editing features).

The Unarchiver still rocks though.