Good Times

So, I’ve resigned (as I’m contractually obligated to put it) from my job at a prominent web advertising network. I’m “pursuing other interests” in, say, unemployment insurance. I’m trying to “spend more time with my family”. I’m another victim of the recession.

Time will tell just how difficult it’s going to be to find a new job just around Christmas with the economy in the state it is — whatever that is. There seem to be a lot of job ads out there, but goodness knows how many are real and how many people are scrabbling for them.

If you look at most social and economic indices the US tends to be an outlier. We spend among the most per person on healthcare and get among the worst outcomes. We are among the richest and among the worst savers. We are more democratic (in the sense of electing more officials) but fewer of us vote and our electoral system is among the most antiquated and undemocratic in its outcomes (in terms of wasting votes).

One such statistic that I encountered a few weeks ago — I’m not sure where, probably The Economist — is that the US is one of the cheapest countries in which to fire people. It’s essentially free.