New MacBooks, Old Prices

Apple’s “failure” to deliver the rumored $899 MacBook (turns out the new $899 part was a new 24″ display) is the latest meme. I guess will soon (if it doesn’t already) have an enormously long-winded “explanation” of why this is genius. I don’t think it’s genius or stupidity. It’s Apple.

Chances are that supplies of the new MacBooks will be a little slow to ramp up, so why not make some money off early adopters while getting the kinks out of the supply chain (and probably out of the product itself). Once everything is good to go, Apple drops the plastic MacBook altogether, speed-bumps the line, drops prices by $100, and releases a new low-end MacBook for $899 with crappy onboard graphics, and a new high-end 17″ MacBook Pro with the new chassis.

I just hope that at some point soon we see Nvidia chipsets in the Mac Mini.