Intelligent Design? Meh

I came across another story about Intelligent Design being taught in schools (Louisiana this time). I’m as annoyed by this dreck as the next guy, but perhaps we ought to consider how much other stuff that’s just plain wrong is taught as fact in schools (American or otherwise) to put this in perspective.

There’s a fairly famous book on the propaganda that passes for History in US schools (and most other countries similarly whitewash their own history). There’s no question that incorrectly teaching biology may cause our country harm in the long run, but the utter lack of knowledge of history among our population and leadership seems to be doing us quite a bit of harm in the short run.

I suppose that one view is that the war to teach history properly was either lost long ago or never even worth fighting (no-one, after all, wants to know all the bad stuff their forebears did). Anyway, Intelligent Design seems to me to be its own worst enemy. It’s such a vague and confused concept that the idea it poses a threat to Evolution is pretty laughable. Hey, it’s a meme, let’s see it try to survive. I speak as one whose Atheism was created by government sanctioned Scripture classes.