Strata CX 5.5 Legacy Upgrades

Strata is offering half off legacy upgrades for owners of older versions of Strata’s 3D software (i.e. $149 vs $299). I have a lot of old Strata files being held hostage by incompatibility with recent OSes, so this seems like a good deal to me. The offer is good until June 30th 2008, just use coupon code Legadisc50.

Adobe used to have a pretty sane policy of charging fixed prices for upgrades to owners of any previous version of their software (after all, if I own Photoshop 4 and I’m upgrading to Photoshop 7 then I obviously lived without Photoshop 5 and 6, why charge me for not having used them?) The whole idea of increasing upgrade pricing as a license gets further out of date is pretty stupid since it essentially drives customers away (I know it’s driven me away from 3D Studio Max).

No, I don’t get a kickback from Strata.