iPhone, Thou Art Dead To Me

Apple has released the perfect iPhone … i.e. an iPhone that isn’t saddled with an AT&T plan and, um, doesn’t make phone calls (…yet). At last, a browser perfect for reading books on the toilet.

They’ve also added custom ringtones on steroids to the iPhone (you still can’t just grab some arbitrary piece of audio and make it your ringtone because, um, well because) and you can spend money at the iTunes store anywhere you get cell reception and have your iPhone, instead of merely anywhere you have internet access.

And it’s about the same price as a similar gadget from Nokia that doesn’t do most of the stuff it does, looks a whole lot clumsier, isn’t touch-based, and appears to have lower battery life. But it does support some version of Flash. Obviously, the new iPod Touch is grossly overpriced…