WWDC 2007 Keynote

Well the leak was completely inaccurate (and yes, the real keynote had hard numbers in it).

The “and one more thing” item was Safari for Windows. Cute.

As per my previous post, the SDK for iPhone is a web server. Duh.

(Similarly, you can view Word documents in your iPhone via google documents, instant message via any one of a number of browser-based IM clients, etc. Isn’t having a non-crippled browser fun?)

“This is going to make the EDGE limitation worse (Gizmodo)”

Yes it will, but get over it. EDGE will still be better than sharing a crappy wireless network in a hotel or airport*, and personally I’d take this as an opportunity to do some intelligent web coding that works well in the moderate bandwidth available via EDGE and thus have a competitive advantage over the idiots who, say, don’t know how to produce small graphics or whatever.

* I’ve just spent the last two weeks on the road, and 1k bps would rock compared to what I’ve gotten in hotels, airports, and friends’ home networks.

iWork ’07 MIA

Expect to see this discussed closer to the release of Leopard or, possibly, in a separate keynote later in the week (remember, WWDC has mini keynotes on Tuesday and Wednesday).

“Apple to let outsiders create programs for iPhone” Reuters 1:32 PM

Well, I guess that’s one way to put it. Apparently, Apple will allow you to build websites on the internet and then allow iPhone customers to visit them.