I’m not exactly sure when the “Zune” products are coming out. Is it tomorrow? Or … October? It seems to me like Microsoft has just, effectively, told everyone shopping for a music player that they’d like you to buy a Microsoft music player … when it’s available, or an iPod if you want one now. Regardless, you should avoid buying anything with “PlaysForSure” since they’re guaranteed to screwed.

One of the writers for the Simpsons was (is) a fellow named George Meyer, who produced a newsletter named Army Man (“America’s Only Magazine”). One of the things he loves, according to a New Yorker profile, is products or statements which are lies in and of themselves (kind of like an oxymoron, but more blatant and not restricted to two words). Microsoft is a great purveyor of such products: “PlaysForSure” doesn’t, “Windows Genuine Advantage” isn’t, and so forth. (So is the Bush Administration: “Clean Skies”, “No Child Left Behind”, and so forth.)