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Project Weasel

Welcome to the Project Weasel home page.

Since my twins were born in March 2008, I've not had much time for game development. As a result, projects such as Weasel and Manta have been horribly delayed. I hope to make some forward progress on both as the twins become more self-sufficient. These were never going to be "bleeding edge" projects from a technical or graphical point of view, so it's more important to get them right than simply ship.

Project Weasel is a game of adventure and space exploration for all ages. It is the only game featuring space-faring pirate-hunting asteroid-mining spice-smuggling psychic weasels ever made! Project Weasel will (eventually) be available for Mac OS X, Windows, and iPhone. It should run well on any reasonably decent system.


We'll be looking for outside testers in the October time frame.


Project Weasel will cost $20.

Other Platforms

We hope to port Project Weasel to other platforms, including Windows and the Nintendo Wii sometime after we ship the Mac OS X version.

Development Team Resources

Any information here is COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE. Please treat it accordingly.

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