QuickMP3 FAQs

Why have you put in an annoying shareware message?

Well, to date I've received 4 registrations against >8000 downloads alone. Call me cynical. Also, QuickMP3 is a good chance to test my registration code. If you crack it and want to tell me, feel free.

Why don't you still support 68k?

Sorry, but QuickTime 4 for 68k doesn't support MP3, and supporting 68k increases the download size for everyone else.

Will you stop changing up my MP3 file types?

As of 1.1.2, this is a preference item.

Why won't it open my MP3 files?

Are you running QuickTime 4? If not, there's your answer. Otherwise, read on…

QuickMP3 isn't as smart about recognising MP3s as MacAmp, and other programs written by cleverer people. Unless your file has the correct file type (e.g. "MPG3") or extension (".mp3") it won't recognise it.

As of 1.0.1, QuickMP3 recognises all relevant file types recognised by QuickTime Player. (It seems to me that we should standardise on one file type for MP3s. QuickMP3 uses "MPG3" since that was the first one I came across.)

Sometimes QuickMP3 "just quits"...

This seems to be a QuickTime 4 problem. I've written lots of programs with REALbasic, and most of them don't "just quit". You might try increasing QuickMP3's memory partition slightly.

Will you read ID3 tags?

I will when and if QuickTime does and REALbasic lets me see them.

Will you provide skins and other frivolous features?

1.1 introduced them, weren't you watching? If you design a really funky skin, feel free to email it to me :)

Will You Support Cool QuickTime 4 Features (i.e. Bass & Treble)?

Yes, but I'll have to (a) get the QuickTime 4 API documentation, and (b) read it first, so it may be a while. If you look at the documentation right now (1/5/99) there's a lot of incomplete pages.

How Come Playback is Jerky, especially when opening applications?

Basically, I just hand MP3s to QuickTime and let 'em rip. QuickTime allows loading applications priority over playback, so you get jerkiness. MacAMP plays relatively well during application load (this is on my G3), but it takes about twice as long to launch an application when MacAMP is playing.

I expect that QuickMP3's jerkiness should be resolved by 8.6, but since Apple changed their developer program so that it sucks, I don't get pre-release versions of the OS. (Bitter? I'm not bitter.)

Will you support Windows?

Yes. The entire code and project is portable and will be released for Windows as soon as (a) REALbasic 2.0's Win32 target stuff works properly and (b) REALbasic gets their upgrade licensing act together.

Will you increase registration fees?


Will you charge for upgrades?


Will you introduce draconian registration checking?

Maybe. Depends on whether I get any registrations this way. I've got some really cool code to implement draconian registration checking, so it's tempting.

What is REALbasic?

It's a programming tool for the Mac (and Windows) that doesn't suck. It's based on an original, object-oriented BASIC with garbage collection; it allows you to create a proper Mac interface by drag and drop; it compiles your code instantly; and it produces real applications.