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About MARS


Overall Design & Additional Tools Programming

Tonio Loewald

Programming, Tools Programming, & Additional Design

Andrew Barry


You've seen dozens or hundreds of computer "role-playing" or "adventure" games. Many offer real-time arcade action, or interesting puzzles. A few even have an interesting plot. MARS: Prince of Destruction brings you all of this, and cooperative network play with up to four players.

Not only that, but four player support is included as a standard feature. You don't have to buy multiple copies of the game to enjoy a network game with your friends.


"The action of Gauntlet with the depth of Ultima."

MARS offers real-time, modeless, arcade action. No chains of dialog boxes. No waiting.


MARS allows you to talk to the people you meet, trade with them, do them good turns, and ask them favours. You can solve puzzles, explore worlds, and outwit monsters. And you can hack and slash. You can also talk to other players and exchange possessions with them.


MARS isn't a game, it's a reusable engine with its own scripting languages and scenario development tools. These latter are available for download at no cost!

MARS, as an engine, is developing. We're serious about role-playing, and we're still working on making it happen on computers.

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