Game Terms Quickly Defined



Brief Definition

Spd, Speed

AG/4 &endash;2 + G (nearest)

Ability to react quickly under stress

Fatigue, Maximum


Capacity to maintain exertion

Fatigue, Reserve


Minimum fatigue after 1h rest

Fatigue, Threshold


Minimum fatigue after ŮshortÓrest

Skill PCS

Skill Formula + Level

Competence with skill

SC, Success Chance

EF x Score

Percentage chance of (any) success

EF, Ease Factor

BEF + Task Modifiers

How easy the task is

Attribute PCS

Trained Attribute x 2

Competence with attribute (as skill), treated as PCS

BEF, Base Ease Factor

Varies with skill

How easy the skill is to use

Carrying Capacity, Carry

See Table

Maximum without impediment

Carrying Capacity, Lug

See Table

Range while incurring &endash;1 modifier

Carrying Capacity, Hump

See Table

Maximum one can carry as &endash;2 modifier

QR1, Excellent Success

D100 ”SC/10

Best possible resolution result

QR2, Good Success

D100 ”SC/5

Good resolution result

QR3, Solid Success

D100 ”SC/2

Standard resolution result

QR4, Mediocre Success

D100 ”SC

Success took longer or achieved less

QR7, Failure

D100 > SC

Desired result was not achieved

QR10, Botch

D100 > SC, roll ends in 0

Things are worse than before attempt

G, Gravity Familiarity


Familiarity with local gravity

E, Environment Familiarity


Familiarity with local terrain



Gradually honed ability

Field of Knowledge


Can be learnt, taught, communicated



Intrinsic capability

Attribute, inherent


Genetic "base" before training

Attribute, trained


May not exceed inherent by more than four

UCDC, Unarmed Combat

See Table

Damage Class (DC) without weapons

MPs, Merit Points


Prestige in current profession

PM, Performance Modifier


Modifier when item used as intended