How Characters are Represented

A character is recorded on a character sheet (usually a photocopied form along with a bunch of pieces of scrap paper). A character sheet contains by three types of information:

ForeSight provides explicit support for all three types of information (unlike many role-playing games which at best support the latter two, and often only a combat-related subset of each).

Creating a Character

Creating a character involves performing a series of tasks, more-or-less in order. Experienced players will tend to complete these tasks more or less simultaneously. Until you are familiar with the rules, I suggest that you perform the tasks in order.

Note: creating a ForeSight character is a considerably greater investment of time and [worse] imagination than "rolling up" a D&D character (for example). ForeSight is designed for players and gamemasters who are interested in role-playing relatively complex characters and situations. Hack and slash campaigns where each player takes on several characters and uses them like expendable members of an emotionally challenged death squad are probably better played a less detailed game system.

  1. Determine the constraints (including number of Background Factors and base Wealth and requirements for the character you are to create
  2. Sketch out a character concept and description
  3. Choose your character's Background Factors
  4. Total your character's GPs, Educ, etc.
  5. Allocate inherent attribute points
  6. Allocate Free Package
  7. Spend GPs and Educ
  8. Determine/choose your characters' age
  9. Determine your character's Merit Points
  10. Complete the Character Record

Congratulations, your character is now ready to play.

Developing a Character

Characters are improved through time and Experience Points.

Experience Points nominally represent experience gained from overcoming challenges, and function largely as a reward for playing the game.

Time, in the form of study and training, is also an effective way to become more competent.

In general, study (i.e. time) is the best way to improve character knowledge, while Experience Points are the best way to improve other capabilities.