The Video Tag

Firefox 3.5 is out, and, among a slew of major improvements, it now supports the HTML 5 <audio> and <video> tags. I don’t post many video clips to Daring Fireball, but henceforth, when I do, it’ll be with the <video> tag. IE users can suck it.

John Gruber, Daringfireball

I couldn’t agree more. It would be especially nice if the <video> tag were to support FLV, (a) eliminating the need for idiotically customized FLV players, and (b) Flash.

Upgrade your web browser to Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4 or better to watch this video.

Do you see a video above? If not, the video tag on your browser isn’t fully supported (at least for QuickTime).

There’s just one problem: Gecko (i.e. Firefox’s HTML engine) only currently supports .ogg containers, which is about as useful as, er, something that isn’t useful. It doesn’t even support H264 or MP4v.

FireFox 3.0b5

I’m not the bleeding edge software junkie I once was, and so I used FireFox 3.0b5 for the first time a couple of days ago when I was playing with Ubuntu 8.04. Under Ubuntu, FireFox 3 was nothing much to write home about, and aside from some slight redesign of toolbar icons I didn’t really notice much difference.

FireFox has been crashing on me a lot lately, and I’m getting sick of it, so I thought I’d take FireFox 3.0b5 for a spin on my main dev machine. (I might add that a lot of software these days, especially open source software, tends to just get better with each release, whether it’s “alpha”, “beta”, or “release” quality.)

If, like me, you’re a Mac user who uses FireFox as your primary browser and you haven’t upgraded to 3.0 already, do so now. It’s so spectacularly better than 2.x, not just in speed and stability but, finally, in Mac-likeness, that you won’t look back (or be quite so tempted to switch back to Safari).