FireFox 3.0b5

I’m not the bleeding edge software junkie I once was, and so I used FireFox 3.0b5 for the first time a couple of days ago when I was playing with Ubuntu 8.04. Under Ubuntu, FireFox 3 was nothing much to write home about, and aside from some slight redesign of toolbar icons I didn’t really […]

Ubuntu vs. Vista

I started to install Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on my Vista laptop but ended up bugging out. I’m writing this blog entry in Ubuntu having not installed it, but running it off the optical drive on my Dell laptop. The reason I bugged out is that Ubuntu can’t tell me what’s on the partitions it sees […]

Putting Metal where it belongs

So the rumor sites are abuzz, of course, on this the most important day of the Apple calendar year (at least in terms of interesting announcements). Steve’s WWDC keynote (apparently leaked here) has generally contained far more substantive information than all the other major announcements of the year, and this year is — I can […]