I don’t do very much desktop software development these days, and I’ve become increasingly frustrated with Realbasic (now Xojo), so the prospect of forking out $500 for an upgrade that may or may not be usable did not fill me with glee. Furthermore, as the years roll on, there’s more and more functionality tied to […]


  I found out about Cloudflare from a link on Hacker News. Assuming it works (and if you’re reading this 24-48h after I post it, then it presumably is) it’s just insanely wonderful. Basic idea — sit in between your website and users (including robots and would-be attackers) and massage what the users see (e.g. […]

Dropbox: Deduplication with Privacy

There’s been a bit of a scare regarding Dropbox related to the possible use of deduplication to determine who has copies of “illegal” files and then the use of warrants to identify infringing Dropbox users and basically hose them. The problem When you store a file on Dropbox it will be hashed (more-or-less uniquely identified […]

Inconvenience without Security

Apparently there’s news of an exploit that completely hoses Vista’s security and which probably can’t be fixed. Before the Microsoft-haters all start celebrating, let me make a couple of observations. It’s not clear whether the general approach taken might not be equally effective against other operating systems. The people discussing this exploit seem entirely too […]