Apple OS

I saw an interesting blog post saying that rumors are rife that iOS and OS X are going to be merged (now that the relevant engineering teams are both under one person). It seems pretty clear to me that Apple would have to plan not to have two OSes at some time in the future, […]

WWDC Keynote

I didn’t predict so much as wish for stuff this year. Here’s how Apple did: Using Twitter integration to afford a unified message interface. No. While Twitter integration is nice, all they’ve done is made doing stuff with Twitter a little bit slicker. In fact, Apple has actually made things worse in some respects. iCloud […]

Developers, developers, developers…

While I’ve go your brain addled with images of Steve Ballmer prancing around and screaming like a lunatic, it’s interesting to reflect on two significant events in the mobile app world that have occurred in the last week. I suspect these events may not be wholly unrelated. Behind curtain number one we have Apple finally […]