A Little Rhyme

ClickToFlash in action
ClickToFlash in action

Well, there we were.
We were browsing like that.
When what should we see
But that stupid Flash crap?

“Uh-oh,” said my iPad
“I won’t load any Flash
It’s a slow buggy plugin
That drains my battery flat.

That plugin’s a bad one
Don’t you let it appear.
You know what it did
The last time it was here.”

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss.)

What’s really annoying is reading a NY Times article with an accompanying animated diagram implemented — for no good reason — in Flash, and being intrigued enough to try loading it on my laptop, only to discover it was incredibly lame and a waste of time.

In the end, I would love for Flash to be supported under Safari on iOS, but only if it were wrapped in something exactly like ClickToFlash and had the ability to bypass Flash altogether when playing H264 video. I suspect Adobe would balk at both because it would (accurately) portray Flash as a horrible piece of legacy crap that sensible people only use in desperation.

Given a choice of no Flash at all, or Flash everywhere by default, I am happy enough with no Flash at all.