• Very tempted.

    I want to see what the future holds for Apple TV before I commit.

  • I think Apple TV is most likely dead. This is clearly aimed at being a media centre PC, hence the HDMI port. They may keep selling them for a while, but I expect it will drop off the product list at some point.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

    I’m seriously looking at the Mini Server, possibly dual purposing it. The only problem is if I wanted to play some games on it, I’d need an optical drive. Good thing there’s Steam for Mac, now I guess.

  • I’d simply option up the base model’s cpu and hard disk, or not even bother. Whats 260MHz between friends?

  • I think the price point is too high for Apple TV’s role in the market.

    To round out their “media hub” plans Apple has to have an inexpensive way of getting iTunes content into home entertainment systems.

    I expect the next Apple TV to be an Airport Express with a little flash and HDMI.

  • You’re completely right about the price. And Steve Jobs actually said something about the Airport Express not streaming video when he introduced it while being interviewed by Mossberg which made it sound as if that was a planned future feature.