Obvious deficiencies in iBooks

It’s early days yet, obviously, but iBooks needs work.

First of all there’s the glaring lack of an orientation lock. This was supposedly fixed some time ago but i guess the fix hasn’t been released yet. OK wetware error there 🙂 Edit: on further reflection, I think I would prefer a software lock on a per app basis over a global hardware lock since I want iBooks locked almost all the time and some other apps such as photos to be locked almost never. Even so, the hardware lock works well enough.

Next there’s no ability to save bookmarks, let alone make margin notes. This is something the iPad should excel at.

You can’t customize the controls much, and I find the page flipping a bit twitchy, so I am occasionally accidentally switching away from the page while I am reading.

On the positive side, I find iBooks perfectly readable in direct sunlight, and I love being able to pick Cochin as my book reader font.

Incidentally the book I’m reading is Iain Banks’s Transition, which is actually pretty interesting (it’s not a Culture novel so it hasn’t got great reviews, and it may end up sucking, but I am enjoying it so far).