Twitter vs. Email

Since this is my day to post X vs. Y entries, Twitter has hit 50M tweets per day. According to as of 2008 there were 183 billion email messages being sent each day by 1.3 billion people of which around 70% is spam or viruses (which I found surprisingly low; but then I suspect Twitter’s signal/noise ratio is even worse and there are no good filters). Twitter has been growing at a rate of 400% every six months, so at its current rate of expansion it should hit 183 billion tweets in three years, give or take. (Email growth is considerably slower—it averaged 14.6% from 2001 to 2007.)

Of course, in three years we’ll all be using Google Wave on our Windows Tablet 7 Series Tablets.

  • Google Wave is dead. Long live Google Buzz!

    I still haven’t found a use for Wave, nor have I worked out how it or Buzz actually work. Twitter, on the other hand I find very useful for shouting into the void. Not so good if I want a response, but there’s Facebook and Plurk (and the not-quite-dead-yet Jaiku) for actual conversations.

  • Wave is officially dead now instead of just practically dead. I think Buzz makes more sense than Wave or Twitter simply because it integrates with something useful (i.e. email) and it automatically (privacy waivers willing) connects you with friends. In practice, Buzz isn’t taking off because Google hasn’t gotten mindshare for it. But in practice Twitter (which peaked at over 3200 tweets per second during the World Cup) is even more useless. I think I have more followers than tweets, and they’re all random strangers / wannabe guerilla marketers. WTF?