Apple v. Flash

Here’s a very good post on the Apple v. Flash brouhaha — for the approximately zero people who read this site and not daringfireball. The basic point—that the web, especially a standards-based web, replacing Windows as the lowest common denominator platform is good for Apple—is well made.

The interesting thing is that given that Flash is there, and given that Apple would like to control its entire platform (including web implementation) this is, in the end, exactly what I said it was: a game of chicken between Apple and Adobe — can Apple keep Flash off the iPhone OS long enough for Flash to cease being seen as ubiquitous or will Adobe force Apple to include it to avoid being seen as incompatible?

If sites like still have Flash-only interactive elements six months after the iPad ships, if the content on Hulu remains available only via Flash — the next question becomes does Apple give in, or up the ante?