Foresight 2010

Foresight received a thorough revision in 2003-5 including blind testing, but the results were never published — although you can download a near final version here. I’ve considered self-publishing it through, and just discovered that it’s very easy to publish to the Kindle (which I do not plan to buy until I find out what Apple has planned).

Back when the Newton first came out I planned to produce a version of Foresight for the Newton based on the deliriously optimistic idea that Newtons would become ubiquitous. I also started work on a pure HTML version of ForeSight some time ago.

The obvious thing to do at this point would be to convert the latest version of Foresight entirely to XML, and then build an XSL presentation layer on top of it — allowing instant delivery as HTML (which is also the best way of getting stuff onto the Kindle), and relatively easy porting to any other platform. The beauty of XML delivery would be the ease with which tools could be delivered or even embedded in the rules (e.g. the character sheet could simply be driven by XML skill and background data).

Foresight always pushed the envelope in terms of what was easy to lay out via DTP (e.g. its tables exceeded the maximum complexity supported by most word-processors of a given generation). Electronic delivery seems like the way to go — assuming anyone wants it.

Let me know if you have any interest.