Realbasic 2009r4

Adobe was here! No, wait, it's Realbasic 2009r4
Adobe was here! No, wait, it's Realbasic 2009r4

Realbasic is a program I have a long-term love/hate relationship with. If only it weren’t so darn useful!

Realbasic 2009 R4 features a new feedback system which doesn’t seem to work very well. (See above.) It turns out my mistake was not memorizing instructions provided before the update process started on what to do if it failed…

So I'm trying to report a bug, and this dialog comes up when I click the Feedback button... Do I read the stuff at the bottom and memorize it?

When I was informed of my omission (yeah, I was kind of rude), I quickly tried this only to discover that while it does in fact update the Feedback program (which allows me to enjoy “unprecedented” communication with Real Software), Realbasic itself still tries to reinstall it when I click the Feedback button — so in fact the “solution” to my problem (which involved psychically memorizing instructions in tiny print before a process which I expected to succeed failed) didn’t solve the problem at all. So, this was all a bit of a wild goose chase, and the correct answer was “we’re releasing an emergency patch tomorrow”. Except that would be a lie because apparently they aren’t.

Anyway, while the latest version appears to have been inspired by Adobe’s install/update process, my inability to use Realbasic’s feedback system is hardly the end of the world. Much worse is that it appears to be impossible to open (reopen?) .vcrbp (version control project files) using 2009r4 without hacking the files manually in a text editor.

So Realbasic 2009r4 shipped with a show-stopper bug in the feedback (i.e. bug reporting) system and another which affects opening version controlled project files (but, you know, only under Windows) — which is what I was trying to report when I ran into the Feedback problem. It’s kind of a set of nested interlocking vicious cycles.