QuickTime Embed Reloaded: My first WordPress Plugin

I finally got sick of the annoying process of embedding video in my WordPress blog entries. The options are to use YouTube (et al) — which works but is ugly, to encode video in Flash and then use JW-Player or some such — which works but is a pain in the ass and also kind of ugly, or to embed QuickTime, which does not work at all by default.

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]

I found a primitive but effective plugin called QuickTime Embed which works but is annoyingly inflexible (the only options you can set are global) so I hacked some changes into it to allow options to be set on-the-fly and submitted it as a new plugin (with credit where credit is due). And unlike all the built-in embed garbage I can actually center stuff properly. Woot!

It’s called QuickTime Embed Reloaded in deference to that awful Matrix sequel. Feel free to use it and complain about it to me or anyone who will listen.

Edit: fixed the link and the plugin so that it actually works.

  • Hi,

    This plugin doesn’t work with Quicktime 7.6.4.

    (have tried on different PCs)

    Your example doesnt play either.

    Any ideas?


  • My lack of knowledge of wordpress’s internals led me to not make my
    plugin sufficiently different from the one it’s based on which confuses wordpress. I’ll take a look at it when I have some time. (Edited: bizarre typos — teach me to reply to comments on my iPhone).

  • My plugin produces minimalist plugin embed tags for QuickTime (it doesn’t use the nested embed and object tags which used to be needed to deal with IE vs. Netscape plugins). It also relies on the browser correctly selecting a plugin based on the MIME type (which is quicktime/video).

    I just checked that it does work for Safari and Firefox on my Mac. I’m not on a Windows box right now (nor do I have VMWare on this machine) but in general, Firefox works the same under Windows, and according to Adobe Browserlab it’s working in IE7 on XP.

    So, my guess it’s IE and you’ve allowed Windows Media Player to futz with QuickTime’s settings (which it deliberately does to make QuickTime look bad … no wait, to provide Windows users with a better browsing experience… yeah that’s the ticket). Run QuickTime Player and have it restore QuickTime’s helper settings.