It’s Only Sociology

Tom Lehrer apparently performed some new songs (his lyrics set to old tunes) and videotapes have surfaced on YouTube. Here’s “Sociology”:


This second video features a trio of mildly funny songs about Mathematics (the first is an attempt to do for differentiation what Lehrer already done for subtraction, the second will only makes sense to those of us who have sat through one too many Analysis proofs, while the last one is probably the most pointed) but unfortunately cuts off mid-sentence.

I used to watch Parkinson when I was in High School, but I must have missed this episode. If he was also interviewed, I’d love to see the interview. In any event, he performed “I got it from Agnes”.


In the unintentionally funny category, and proving once again that if you’re mentally challenged and you browse the web, you leave comments on YouTube, is the plaintive comment that “I still can’t figure out what it is they’ve got.”