Evolution, not Revolution

So, basically, we get a really nice ultralight notebook (with green construction and packaging) at a very reasonable price; AppleTV is cheaper and there’s some content now (a lot of it, really), including HD; and there’s an Airport with a hard disk built in to do wireless backups. And the iPhone SDK was mentioned.

Not earthshaking, but not bad.


The really obvious flaw in the MacBook Air is the lack of some form of cellular network option (EVDO, WiMax, 3G, or whatever).

Another thing that’s annoying people is the non-upgradeable RAM and the non-user-replaceable battery.

Frankly, I think the target audience (the kind of folks who have very expensive handbags and briefcases) won’t care about this. The average Mac owner earns something like 25% more than the average PC owner, and this product definitely targets the upper end of that already spendy demographic.

Not the kind of product that will sell a lot of units in a recession, though.

  • Andrew Barry

    Have already placed an order for the MacBook Air (Amelie broke the screen on her MacBook a month or so ago).

    Will let you know how it goes.

    Was a little bit irritated to learn that it doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery though.

  • Tonio

    I guess it depends on the replacement cost and policies (when the time comes). Charging say $50 to replace a $10 iPod battery is a lot more annoying than paying $100 to replace a $60 notebook battery, especially if you can still do it 18 months after the notebook shipped.

  • Chris

    A MacWorld for the true believers, I’d judge. Though, that design is going to win over a few more true believers.

    No ethernet port means you’d better invest in some 802.11N networking (like a Time Capsule) or you’ll be docking with a USB/Ethernet adaptor frequently or buying a USB DVD RW drive and sneaker-netting to ease the bandwidth pain.

    The CPU story is cool. It’s a recurring pattern for Apple. If your phone design doesn’t fit the way telcos do business, change the telcos. If your laptop doesn’t fit the CPUs on offer, change the CPUs… and this is the second time Intel have jumped when Steve said jump.

    The Wireless answer is still to use your iPhone as a modem. Not such a bad product story.

    …and last of this ramble is that the US$1799 Air is selling for AU$2499 – I don’t know where Apple get their exchange rate information from.

  • Andrew Barry

    usd 1799 to aud 2499 isn’t too horrible all things considered.

    Asking google “1799 usd in aud”, tells me 2071.15 (at least today).

    Factoring in GST takes it to aud 2278, so it is basically an aud 200 tip to Apple AU – which is low enough for me to skip the gray market.