LOST has lost it.

I’m sorry to say that LOST seems to have jumped the backwards-talking midget shark. It seems to be the TV show no-one minds admitting they watch, but the formula, which is apparently Twin Peaks but with more writers and less drugs is wearing thin on me, and I suspect a lot of other viewers.

This started to get way too long, so I’m going to summarise:

1. Twin Peaks was, at its best, better.
2. Twin Peaks sucked pretty bad towards the end … but we haven’t seen how much LOST is going to suck yet.
3. At least Twin Peaks ended.
4. There is no way to resolve LOST at this point without aliens, creamed corn, and magic.

Of course the heart of the problem is the economics of TV production in the US. If you produce something and it’s successful it is mandatory that it last at least five seasons so that it can make money in syndication. Thus, LOST must run five years to justify its existence, which means stretching out a pretty shaky story for about eighty episodes more than necessary.

  • Adam Keck

    Amen brother!

  • NWJR

    You’re so fucking wrong.

  • Tonio

    Heh — judge me by my enemies 😉

  • Tonio

    Hmmm I wonder what I’m wrong about:

    1. Twin Peaks having, at its best, been better. I think that’s hard to dispute.
    2. Twin Peaks having sucked pretty bad towards the end. Also hard to dispute.
    3. Twin Peaks having ended. Almost impossible to dispute.
    4. No way to resolve LOST at this point without aliens, creamed corn, and magic. Well, I’d like to be proven wrong, if I’m still watching.

    Or the economics of TV production in the US. Well, if I’m wrong about that I’m in very good company.

  • admin

    It’s interesting to note that, after suffering a ratings dive mid season 3, the LOST folks tightened up the writing, and pledged to wrap things up in four … no make that five seasons, but the last two seasons will be short.

    Oh wait, we’ll finish it in 2010.

    Meanwhile they’ve still managed to explain pretty much nothing, while adding huge amounts of unexplained ridiculous crap to the story.