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Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D 6

Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D 6 second edition is on sale for $19.99 via Lulu.com (no DRM), iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

Manta 2010 Released

Manta goes on sale today in the App Store for just $0.99.

Motion Blur Tool Updated

Motion Blur Tool now supports rendering movies as well as stills. And it has a new icon.

Pixel Jutsu 0.5

I've made some significant improvements to Pixel Jutsu (now 0.5) — expiry has been moved to the end of the year, and it has its own website which is driven by markdown, so the website is driven by my own working notes.

RiddleMeThis 3.0b7

RiddleMeThis 3.0 Realtime is nearing release, and is now in public beta. The latest version adds extensive support for timed interactions (including online), and data-driven questionnaires (import a spreadsheet and have it drive an "iterated section" including support for various random sequencing options, and recording the order in which items are used).

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Pose Utilities

Pose Utilities is an indispensable (and free) utility for anyone doing character animation in Cheetah 3d 5.

C3D Buddy 0.3

C3D Buddy 0.3 is ready for C3D v5. I've renamed it C3D Buddy (vs. "Render Buddy") as I'm planning to add some new functionality for stuff besides rendering. (I'm promising this will be any time soon...) Anyway, "C3D Buddy" is shorter. Built for Snow Leopard and with a new and improved icon.

Website Improvements

Both this site and the RiddleMeThis website have been revamped to look a bit less dark and forbidding, and improve legibility on today's higher-resolution displays. This site has been iPhoneified™ and should work properly (even the gallery!) on iPhones.

Manta Update

Manta received recognition in three categories of the Unity Awards for 2008. I originally hoped to have Manta in the App Store before the end of the year, but adapting it for the iPhone is proving harder than expected. I'll be releasing Manta for Mac OS X and iPhone in early 2009.

RiddleMeThis 2.1.1

RiddleMeThis 2.1.1 for Windows released, fixing a data export bug.


Loewald New Media is based in Arlington Virginia. We develop new media, web, and software solutions for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers.

Our new media solutions include:

Our web solutions include website design and development, and RiddleMeThis, a tool for designing forms and deploying them as standalone programs or web sites.

Our software solutions include workflow, content management, and batch processing tools, and small business database systems.


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